[{"title":"Cal-Expo '17-'18 Brochure","date":"2017-07-21","text":"Check out the new promotional brochure for Cal-Expo which includes the purse schedule, new and returning horse incentive plan and racing calendar.\r\n","link":"\/content\/news\/brochure2017-2018.pdf"},{"title":"Track News","date":"2017-07-20","text":"The Cal-Expo barn area is scheduled to re-open on September 14, 2017","link":"\/content\/news\/"},{"title":"Sires Stakes News","date":"2017-07-01","text":"Nomination payments of $150 for foals of 2016 and sustaining payments of $250 for foals of 2015 are due by July 1, 2017 to be eligible for the California Sires Stakes program.","link":"\/content\/news\/"}]