Hall Of Fame Nomination Form



A - Should have contributed significantly to California harness racing as a breeder, an owner, a trainer, or a driver and/or through organizational leadership.
- or -
B - Should have achieved national prominence in one of the foregoing categories and have significant California attachments.


C - Should have achieved prominence in racing or reproduction and should have done so (in part, at least) in California or should have been foaled in California.
- or -
D - Should have been outstanding in racing or breeding and whose breeders*, owners*, or trainers* are/were residents of California (* at least 50% in partnership situations).

Select Inductee Eligibility from the 4 areas described above. If eligible by more than one category, chose one that is most appropriate:

People: A or B - Horses: C or D

Name of Nominee:

Please explain in detail why the nominee has contributed significantly to California harness racing. "People" should include names of horses, associates, and service organizations of nominee, as well as any other important information emphasizing the nominee's worthiness for induction. "Horse" should include racing performance and production records, as well as any other important information. We will not be following up on this submission with questions, so go into as much detail as possible supporting your nomination. There is no space limitation.

We suggest that you "compose" this section offline in a word processor so you can review and edit. Once satisfactory, copy and paste the text into the submission box below. This way you will also have a record of what you submitted. Once complete, answer the simple math question (which helps discourage spam) and then hit the "SUBMIT" button below. (Note: Nominations will only be accepted during the open nomination period - November 1st thru December 31st)

Name of person making the nomination:

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