Diamond Horse Alliance

The California Harness Horsemen's Association (CHHA) has "opened its doors", so to speak, to other jurisdictions in the spirit of cooperation and has formed an alliance that is aimed to strengthen the industry for these geographic participants. Currently, horses sired in Alberta, Iowa, Maine, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin are a part of this creative program called the Diamond Harness Alliance (DHA).

At its core, DHA horses racing in California will be eligible for a 25% claiming price allowance in addition to "condition" allowances that will be approximately 50% for wins and earnings. In addition, such horses shipping to California will be eligible for any shipping reimbursement program that exists.

The CHHA has affirmed the inclusion of horses sired in these states and provinces in the DHA program. These geographies have complimentary racing schedules to Cal-Expo and/or horses that the CHHA believes fit well into the Cal-Expo program and wanted to provide an extra incentive for horsemen in those geographies to consider wintering in California.

Current DHA jurisdictions